60 Years

Of Experience in the Agroindustrial Sector

Organic and Integral Sugar Products

We harvest the most delicious sugarcane!

Cultivated under the best agricultural practices of sustainability, the sugar cane used to produce the delicious panela, grows in the sugar valley of Turrialba, Costa Rica. These fertile lands are in an altitude range of one thousand meters above sea level, guarded by the imposing Turrialba volcano.

The panela is natural, integral and highly nutritious, its superior production process preserves the natural flavor and all the essential vitamin and mineral nutrients of sugarcane. Our panela is the true natural sweetener, since it is pure and artisanal, it does not receive refining, crystallization, or bleaching processes and is free of preservatives and chemical additives, so it differs markedly from crystallized, refined sugars.

Assukkar S.A. It has different certifications
that support the quality of its products, some of them unique in the area.

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