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Assukar S.A., is a proudly Costa Rican company, specialized in the production of totally natural and organic sugarcane derivatives.

The history of our company begins more than a century ago, when the small nation of Costa Rica began to be built as a country by the hand of agriculture.

In 1850, Don Gaspar Ortuño, a Spanish immigrant, established himself in the country as a pioneer of major projects, including the founding of the Bank of Costa Rica, after fully dedicating himself to the cultivation of coffee. This crop boosted the industrial development of the newly founded nation, both structurally, economically and politically.

The Ortuño family continued the family business and the coffee tradition, under the tutelage of Don Gaspar's son, Manuel Ortuño. In 1963 the family moved operations from San José to Turrialba in the Caribbean area of ​​the country.

In these new lands obtained for the cultivation of coffee, sugarcane and macadamia, there was a small sugar mill, this is being used for the production of: “Tapas de Dulce”, also known in other countries such as: Panela or Piloncillo, this being the main product of that period.

As the years went by, the family decided to start marketing new products within them the whole sugar cane. In 1986 one of the family members who visited the city of New York, visits a natural products store and discovers the benefits of integral products. This idea was transmitted to the family that decides to take a turn in the production of the company.

Dulce-T, is the star product with which the company in an innovative way, introduces a new way of consuming a product of great culinary tradition of Costa Rican cuisine, the Tapa de dulce.

Assukkar s.a with its Dulce-T brand was the first to introduce the cap of granulated candy in the Costa Rican market.

Traditionally, cap candy was produced in large blocks that had to be broken and then melted, with the introduction of this product the preparation of dishes with said ingredient was facilitated.

Dulce-T is the result of the condensation and crystallization of sugarcane juice with all its minerals and nutrients. It is also an integral product and is Kosher certified.

The sugarcane used to prepare Dulce-T granules or honey has not been genetically modified, does not contain additives and is free of harmful whiteners, preserving nutrients and minerals such as: potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and vitamins A, B , C, D, E.

With Dulce-T, consolidated in the national market, and the new trends towards more natural and organic products, Tayutic Costa Rica is born, marketer and exporter of high quality products to foreign markets having a presence in more than 15 countries around the world.

In our company we develop long-lasting relationships of trust with our clients since our main objective is to keep our clients highly satisfied.

Our Vision:

To be the world leader in the manufacture of whole and organic sugars.

Our Mision:

We offer integral and organic products of the quality required by our clients, in a sustainable way and supporting the development of our collaborators.

Our values:




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