We are Assukkar!

Our story began over a century ago, when our grandparents settled on the outskirts of the Atlantic zone of Costa Rica and began cultivating the best sugarcane.

In this green paradise guarded by the imposing Turrialba Volcano, we found our passion in a small cane mill, which we began to use to manufacture the traditional tapa dulce, a product known in other regions as panela; this was the beginning of a very sweet tradition.

As the years went by, we became more and more specialized in the cultivation and processing of sugarcane, until during the late eighties we decided to make the leap towards organic crops and stop the manufacture of tapa dulce, in order to produce an organic sweetener, with the highest and most recognized quality.

Since our beginnings, environmental sustainability and community development have been key values in our operation. The type of agriculture we practice seeks a balance between soil conservation, nutrient restoration, crop health and the well-being of our people.

This is how we went from a sugar mill to the export of the sweet taste of Costa Rican sugarcane in seventeen countries on four continents. We are very happy to be able to offer you our distinguished product, in its organic and whole version, a product with high nutritional value cultivated with the greatest affection and the best quality by the collaborators of the great Assukkar family.

Our Vision:

To be the world's leading company in the manufacture of whole and organic sugars.

Our Mision:

We are a Costa Rican agro-industrial company that offers integral and organic products derived from sugar cane, delivering the quality required by our clients in a sustainable way with our collaborators, society and the environment.

Our values:




Sense of belonging

Tayutic, Turrialba, Costa Rica
Tel.: +506 2554 8000
P.O. Box: 3439-1000, San José, C.R.

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